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Whitening Procedures

Tooth Whitening/ICON White spot treatment

Custom Bleaching Trays

If you are like Dr. Bilbeisi and must to have your coffee fix, never fear! You don’t have to compromise your bright, white smile! We make custom trays that safely holds professional bleach for at-home use to significantly remove deeper stains from teeth.

White spots? No Problem.


White spot lesions can be a result of several things: fluorosis, demineralization, orthodontic treatment to name a few. We were previously told there was nothing we could do about these as they could not be bleached away, so many patients were forced to choose acceptance, or expensive, invasive treatment such as veneers. Now, we offer Icon – a resin infiltrate that goes into the tooth, easily and painlessly, to restore a natural shade. Icon is minimally invasive and can be used to strengthen teeth with early decay. Icon treatment takes less than an hour and involves no needles, no numbing, and no drilling. The results are breathtaking.

ICON White spot treatment